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"Better" Says We're "the Best"

September 14, 2011
“Better” Says We’re “the Best”

Looking to try a fresh antiperspirant/deodorant? Try Secret Smooth Effects, the formula 50,000 readers of Better Homes and Gardens voted the "best deodorant for women in 2011." Not only has it been clinically tested to reduce the visual appearance of hair, it's also available in six great scents! See more reasons to try Smooth Effects.

Secret Smooth Effects Scores Shout-outs

July 08, 2010
Secret Smooth Effects Scores Shout-outs

Secret Smooth Effects™ cleaned up with a 2009 Beauty  Award from Women’s Health and Fitness and a 2009 Best in Beauty Award from Shecky’s. We love the shout-outs, but hope you guys love smooth underarms and shaving less often even more. Find out more about Smooth Effects.

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